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Hiding in Plain View

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

This is a photo of the window ledge near my bathroom vanity. Take a look. What do you notice? The city lights, a cute, but plastic bamboo plant, a singing bowl, and a ring, right? This isn't a trick question —promise. If you spotted all those things it's because you were in an actively present state of mind, with no filter going off in your head about what 'should' or

'shouldn't be' in this area. The other night as I got ready to dress for my birthday outing, I spent a good 15- 20 minutes spinning around between my bathroom and bedroom trying to find that ring. It was "hiding in plain view. "

The phrase "Hiding in Plain View or Plain Sight" is idiomatic. It means: To be unnoticeable, by staying visible in a setting that masks presence.

What is it about this setting on the ledge that "masked the ring's presence?" I mean, there are only (3) three things on the window sill. ME! MY THINKING was masking the ring's presence. It's this same phenomenon that keeps us from being in full receipt and allowance of the very things we wish, pray, and strive for.

Researchers have different names for this phenomenon: Scotomas / mental blind spots, Inattentional blindness, or perceptual blindness — It results from a lack of attention rather than any vision defects or deficits. When it becomes impossible to attend to all the stimuli in a given situation, a temporary "blindness" effect can occur, as individuals fail to see unexpected but often salient objects or stimuli.[1] [Wikipedia source for more: [ ]

Plainly: It's the reason people often miss seeing (or hearing ) what’s right in front of them.

Sometimes it’s opportunities. Sometimes it’s threats. Sometimes it's a ring sitting on a window sill. In my case, I keep my jewelry in very specific places in my room so I won't lose them. I trained myself to not take jewelry in the bathroom, so nothing would ever accidentally get bumped, or dropped down a drain. These are great intentions, but not absolutes. The night I was dressing to go out I'd already put on my ring and then while in the bathroom for "final mirror checks" I decided to put on some new lotion. I took the ring OFF and sat it on the window sill. Then I got a text that my friends were on the way (distraction and focus pulled) On my way out I noticed I wasn't wearing the ring anymore. The hunt began.

WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST RETRACE YOUR STEPS, JANETTE? I did. When your brain is telling you there is 'no way' something can be true... your senses align with that. Somehow it doesn’t register. That's how you form a mental blind spot.

Beliefs are powerful. They limit what we can or don’t see. They filter our perceptions and they are always in motion. One of my coaching mentors, Anthony Robbins addresses this. Via Unlimited Power: “What are beliefs? They are performed, pre-organized approaches to a perception that filter our communication to ourselves in a consistent manner.”

Anyone can develop a blind spot. It can be mental, or spiritual. The work is to identify them, and then dismantle our disbelief so we can be open to new possibilities. They say “seeing is believing,” but in many cases, it’s actually the believing that enables the seeing. That's what alignment, faith, and manifestation rely on.

In my hurried state, my brain kept focusing on the 'rule' that no jewelry should be in the bathroom, so though I searched in earnest --- my belief that it was NOT in there kept my senses confirming my beliefs. I had to sit with this after I got back. What else do I believe that is keeping me from bigger, better, and greater in my life?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What things opportunities, connections/contacts, relationships, experiences, and more are hiding in plain sight — because you don't believe they can, should happen to, or for you? It's worth sitting with at this, at the beginning of 2023. We all deserve the best and highest available to us. Don't let spiritual or mental blind spots rob you.


AM I THE ONLY ONE, or has this happened to you? I would love to hear your thoughts and insights. Let me know if you mastered the video!

Here's a great interactive example of how scotomas work. Watch this: Video

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Feb 26, 2023

Great post. Fun video lol I passed

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