Evening Shade
The Sidequel — Life beyond "The Morning Show"  

If you love Apple + TVs "The Morning Show" and it's unapologetically candid look at the modern workplace through the lens of early morning TV.... YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE "Evening Shade."   The inspired web series offers another angle on the  drama through the experiences of Journalist & Entertainment Host— MShele Vitale.

MShele sees herself as an empowered woman balancing intelligence and reason, with passion and creativity. Her star is on the rise at the network— a  testament to her strength after a decade of hard losses.  For over a year a popular male morning show anchor has been her emotional and professional support. The 'entanglement' was a healing balm in many ways.   Evening Shade picks up where sexual allegations are swirling. 


Tough decisions force MShele on a journey to examine what it means to truly stand in one's personal power,  and the importance of owning up to the times you give it away.

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Web Series Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by: Mirror Media Films for Janette R. Smith, LLC

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